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                                                                    Carlo's Photo Album



Carlos Rubén Ramos and Carolyn Joyce Eisenman    
    Click here for an album of Carlos & Carolyn.        
These are photos of Marco Antonio Ramos DOB 2 Nov 1966. !st born son. }
            Tía Moni & Mark 1967
        Mark & a co-worker of Carlos (host) 1993    


      Steamboat, OR 1979      
      Feb 1972      
  1985?         Mark Allan, Mark& Eric Ramos 2004
    1st Yr Boarding Sch Age 15        
  7th grade       11/02/1980  
11/22/1980 Ras Tanura, SA Temp Housing Najhma           Ras Tanura SA Jr Hi Sch Dance 11/1980    
These are photos of Carlos Ruben Ramos, Jr. DOB 12 Sept. 1968. 2nd born. }
  approx 1976          
5th Grade 8 mo. 1969 Staton House
3rd grade   Sept 1984 JULY 1979   1983 Grounding Carlos didn't keep his girlfriends from springing him for his 2nd story bedroom Carlos you insisted you always raised the toilet lid up - gotcha
  Med.Tour.Aug.1983 Mediterrian 1983