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This is mom holding me at me at about a year of age about 1943            
Grdma Aurora Gomez de Santamaria, Mom Holding Carlos about 12 months old Tía Ana Maria Santamaria de Fernandez Y Tía Margot Santamaria de Sherwood abut 5 yrs old Leon Baca and son, Carlos at Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia  International Fiesta about 1982 or 19883     Carolyn Eisenman at about 18 yrs old Graduation photo 1960 Carolyn on a bad Hair day but enjoying it Carolyn and siter Vora Eisenman Graduating from different High Schools
    June 2004   Carolyn upset I wanted to take her pic Carolyn 1964 1964
Tío Manuel Montaño Ramos Y Tía Aída Satamaria de Sanches Carlos 1year plus Burrows House 1999 Carlos Y Carolyn Portland 1986   Carolyn and Carlos in Paris 1981 Mom Carmen Santanmaria de Ramos and Carolyn approx 1991 pic taken in Portland Pic taken at Xochilmilco Mexico about 1983 Carolyn, Carlos, Mark and Carlos
Graduation Fall 1960 18 yrs old 1959 Pearl Habor 20 yrs old   Carolyn in her Navy dress blues age about 20 Spring 1981 Pearl Martine Eisenman & Vora Eisenman Heintz when just months old 1939.
  Ricardo, Mario, Margot, Carlos and Eric Marios youngest son about 1996     Carlitos & Mark Carlos & Carolyn Summer 1984 Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia Carlitos, Carolyn, Carlos & Mark Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia Dec 1984 Christmas Card. Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia February 14, 1984
    March 1980        
Easter 1978       Christmas at the Killoughs 1982, Ras Tanura, SA   Adam & Carolyn 1989
    Dimond Dance Club Subic Bay Phillippines 3/31/1962   11/1979 Hall House Carlitos & Carolyn  
  Carlos & his Santa Piñata, Santa is left 12/1981     Aug 1980    
    Carlos 1978       Carolyn's Saudi I.D. Top Translation below
Lesson: Don't discard your unwanted yeast in the toilet  SA 1985 Double Lock the br door. April 1982 Is there no respect. Ga;axia Med Tour Aug 1983   (L) Capt  of Galaxia and Entertainment Dir (R) Aug 1983    
  Marks Grad  1984 L-R Ricardo Mark Carolyn Carlitos Carmen Carlos Margot                                 
Diary Queen Grad Class 1986 1st row on Right Carlos Ramos sitting Carolyn Eisenman standing L-R Carlos Ramos Ana Luna ? Diane Pintor Lisa Gomez Erney Monje Front Tangi Salazar Top Eva Escalante WIld West 1993 Top Ana Luna Eva Escalante ? Linda Bottom Diane Pintor Carlos Ramos Lisa Gomez Ernie Monje Joanne Vargas Chris Montoya Tombstone 3/25/1994   L-R Carlos Ramos Bruce Eisenman Usko Carolyn  Miles Karen-Bride Mil Valley Ca July 1964