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                                          Nana & Dick Photo Gallery



                    Carmen Gomez Santamaria de Ramos

                                                             March 25, 1922 to December 15, 1995


Nana is the nick name of Carmen Santamaria Ramos she was known by this name since she was a little girl.  Ricardo Masón Ramos, he was nick named  Dick but also known as Dickie.

This is my favorite photo of my mom.   

She appears to be about 8 yrs. old.  

Mom looks about 10 yrs old in this photo This is mom at age 20 yrs old.  I'm in this photo and appear to be about 1 yr old. 1942 Grandma Aurora Gomez(Carmen's mom), Carmen (holding RP host)  Ana Santamaria Fernandez (younger sis) 2nd row:  Margo Santamaria Sherwood (youngest sib), Ricardo Ramos IV.
Tía Aida Santamaria Sanchez holding Margot Ramos, Ricardo IV, Sylvia Sanchez Coffee, Carlos Ramos (RP Host)        



                         Ricardo Masón Ramos III

                                                                            June 08, 1916


Ricardo Masón Ramos III Ricardo in Bisbee-Douglas baseball team uniform.