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 Some photos are in the process of being restored check back for final developments!

    Ricardo Ramos and Sipriana Montaño No photo available   Ricardo Ramos born in Mexico approx 1869 No Photo      



    Sipriana Montaño born in Mexico approx 1871 No Photo                
Ricardo Montaño Ramos II & Téresa Trujillo Masón }                        
      Ricardo Montaño Ramos, II 04/03/1889 - 07/14/1977   *  Ricardo Montaño Ramos II   2nd in from left on 1st row.     Téresa Trujillo Masón de Ramos 06/08/1895 - 04/23/1973     Téresa, her Bro Ramón Masón her 2 sons José & Ricardo     Téresa Masón Ramos     Ricardo Montaño Ramos II and unkown baby.    


      Ricardo Montaño Ramos ii Birth Cert.   Ricardo Montaño Ramos & Téresa Trujillo Masón     Ricardo Montaño Ramos & Téresa Trujillo Masón Wedding Invitation                      
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              } Ricardo II Sibs }               Manuel Montaño Ramos

No Photo Available


                      Petra Montaño Ramos de Muñoz                
Ricardo Masón Ramos III   and Carmen Santamaria }                        
      Ricardo Masón Ramos III 2nd son of Ricardo II and Téresa   Carmen Santanmaria at about 10 yrs old.  Wife of Ricardo III


    * Ricardo at about 2 yrs.     Ricardo (L) unk friend middle & Pete Champion     * Ricardo pic undergoing restoration     * Ricardo pic undergoing restoration     


Oregon Coming back from Donitos wedding 1975     Carmen Santamaria de Ramos & Ricardo Masón Ramos III   Carmen Santamaria de Ramos & Ricardo  Masón Ramos III with Carlos Ruben Ramos, 2nd son 1942      

Ricardo, Carmen & José Ramos, great nephew grandson of  José Masón Ramos older bro of Ricardo

    Ricardo & Rafael Fernandez husband of Ana Santamaria sister of Carmen     Ricardo or Dickie as known to his close friends     Ricardo    


    } Ricardo's Sibs Click of Pic to see other photos. }              
      Ricardo with Aurora Santamaria his mom in law & Ana Santamaria Fernandez at Mario Ramos Wedding    

Ricardo holding unknown baby



        * José Masón Ramos (Uncle Joe) 1st son of Ricardo II and Téresa     Tía Julia Ramos de Alvarez     Tio Manuel "Manuelito"




      Birth Certificate for Carmen Santamaria   Back of Birth Certificate of Carmen Santamaria     Ricardo Ramos III Death Cert.                      
ManueL Montano Ramos Letter Of COD                                        
Children of Ricardo Masón Ramos III and Carmen Santamaria  }  


      Your Host for this site. 2nd born son of Ricardo Masón Ramos III and Carmen Santamaria Click my picture to see my photo album.         Ricardo Ramos IV (Jr.) 1960 Hi Sch Grad.  Jr. was married briefly to Rosa Andrade but had no issue.     Ricardo IV Jr. (R) Carmen Santamaira (mom) & John Reid life long business partner & home companion of Jr                




  Nini 19 April 1980     Margarita (Margot) Ramos (Nini)     Julia Ramos de Alvarez & Nini     Bonnie Gutierrez de Forest (cousin) & Nini          

Space for Mario the youngest sibbling

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